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  • Down to the Core

    ACCTMIS 2200, BUSMGT 2320, BUSMHR 2292, BUSFIN 3220, etc: For Fisher students, seeing these class titles immediately induces stress, yet they don’t understand the true [...]
  • Ability to Engage

    As many of us look at our path forward through Ohio State and into our careers it is easy to see a “typical,” formulaic path. Getting involved within Fisher, working [...]
  • MYDO: Pairing Resources with Causes

    As the Honors Cohort’s April 5th exhibition night approaches, a group of the 21stclass has taken a new approach to the program’s annual impact project, a charge to make [...]
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Minor Roundup

by fisherinkmag in Fisher

Students enrolled in the Fisher College of Business are all working towards a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. All Fisher students need to complete the [...]


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