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  • Navigating Non-Profits

    Growing up, senior Annelise Dahl was surrounded by people much like herself—people who had similar experiences and had rarely faced any type of life-changing adversity. [...]
  • The Doctors of Business

    As a student newly entering Fisher or an established upperclassman, the word consulting pervades the minds of many aspiring businessmen and women. A consulting career [...]
  • 400 West Rich Street

    When most people think of an emerging new arts complex, they usually don’t think of a vast old warehouse, especially if it’s located in a seemingly downtrodden riverside [...]
  • Venture For America

    Many Fisher students can boast a common goal: working at the company, firm or corporation they feel will earn them the fame and fortune they deserve, and hopefully start them [...]
  • GrOSU

    Gardening and electrical engineering don’t have many things in common. However, for sophomore Jamey Weyenberg, the idea to create a sustainable growing club utilizing his [...]
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A Taxing Experience

by fisherinkmag in Fisher

Undergraduate students at the Ohio State University have taken the initiative to improve Columbus families though the means of financial services. Two organizations which [...]


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