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Swiping in New Ways

Story by Maggie Wehri, Image by Swipeshop

What do you get when you mix Craigslist with Tinder? The Creos Group’s SwipeShop. It all began when Ohio State soccer player and marketing student, Konrad Kucharski, and a group of his teammates combined the two applications, producing a user-friendly online market for textbooks, furniture, and football tickets.

After testing a version of the application this past year, the Creos Group gathered data on what aspects of the application most valued by users. The team selected user groups of Ohio State students to explore and offer suggestions as how to improve the application. With this market research, the team plans to release an updated version in late February.

Today, Swipeshop is live at over 10 universities and supporting an internship program with over 60 participants. The Creos Group installed a SwipeShop team at each university ensuring application logistics operate uniformly. As an organization, the Creos Group outlined a company structure and advisory board. Through experience, Kucharski learned how to divide tasks and narrow the team’s focus to a specific location. Instead of dispersing employees across universities, the Creos Group has agree to operate out of San Francisco, a home to many startups.

With graduation days away, Kucharski decided to move to San Francisco and work full time for the Creos Group. “If this doesn’t work out, I won’t be sent back to square one. I have already made connections and honed my own skills. Whether it be recruiting, marketing, or operations, I have tackled the tasks that come with a startup,” states Kucharski. By utilizing campus resources, Kucharski was able to envision what he wanted to do early on, “You will be working for most of your life, and you want to make sure that what you are doing, you want to wake up for.” Kucharski attributes the company’s success to Fisher’s faculty, who provided them with the map to navigate obstacles.

Had Kucharski failed to get involved with Ohio State’s campus, he would have never been part of what is shaping his future. Kucharski concludes, “You never know what you might find when you’re bouncing ideas off of your peers. Plenty of people have ideas, but not many are willing to go out there and set them into motion. Surround yourself with motivated people that share your passion, and move forward without fear. I couldn’t resist the ambition and togetherness of the Creos Group. These qualities make us seem unstoppable. You will not fail your peers because you know that they will not fail you.”

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