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Beyond the Classroom

Story: Jordan Hoffman, Images: Elita Marchetti

The Ohio Export Internship Program (OEIP) is unlike most other internships for Fisher undergraduates. In a traditional internship, the first day of work is frequently a student’s first exposure to a particular industry. The OEIP, on the other hand, seeks to educate its participants about the export industry prior to their internship experiences. The program does this by offering a three credit hour, semester-long exporting course presented in partnership by the Fisher College of Business and the Ohio Developmental Agency.

The program offers a unique approach to education and professional development. The coursework is delivered in a socratic and student-led format, challenging students to learn the information through application. Each week a separate topic of export readiness is presented by a small group of students to the class, the instructors and a select few professionals in that field of study. The presentations are evaluated for accuracy, execution and expertise.

Upon successful completion of the course, students are paired with small to medium sized Ohio companies for a paid summer internship focused on international market development and, more specifically, Ohio exports. Each year, the program offers an impactful experience to forty select students while promoting the development of the state that we all call home. Fisher prides itself on OEIP, which has helped Ohio businesses generate over $13 million in expected global sales.

EIP Intern: Jordan Hoffman Major: Finance Hometown: Bexley, Ohio

Company Placement: Precision Alloy Services and Prime Equipment Group Inc.
Company Details: Further Metals Processing (Precision)
Poultry Processing Manufacturer (Prime)
His Experience:

“My [first] job in Blanchester with Precision Alloy Services turned out to be nothing that I expected it to be. Rather than taking me in as an intern focused on international market development, the company put me at a desk and had me manage all of their book keeping. After four and a half weeks of unfulfilling work, I resigned and transferred to Prime Equipment Group Inc. for the rest of the summer.

At Prime Equipment Group I was able to work on international exporting and accomplish the tasks that EIP had trained me for. Over the course of my eight and a half week long internship with Prime Equipment Group, I established personal relationships with professionals around the state, country and world in fields ranging from logistics and legal matters to manufacturing and product distribution. Additionally, the company itself presented me with knowledge and experiences far beyond the classroom.”

Reflection on EIP:

“Even though EIP did not align directly with my career goals, it provided me with a lot of general business knowledge and a very unique skill set that I hope to use in some way in my continued professional development.”

EIP Intern: Preeti Narayan Major: Finance Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Company Placement: Zephyr Solution
Company Details: Helium equipment and balloon accessories manufacturer

Her Experience:

“I did a lot of market research finding distributors overseas. I signed up Zephyr Solution for a trade show in England that my boss went to. I did all of the planning for the trade shows including the booth setup, products. I also set up a meeting in England while my boss was there for the trade show.”

Reflection on EIP:

“The class helped me a lot with public speaking and developing presentation skills. The on-job experience built my self-confidence and was great for networking. Even though I am not interested in going into this field, I learned to work with a lot of different people and different topics.”

EIP Intern: Hannah Shank Major: Finance Hometown: Findlay, Ohio

Company Placement: Hudson Bearings
Company Details: Bearings Company

Her Experience:

“I did research for new customers and distributors in Europe, specifically in Germany and the UK. I also worked on finding funding for the company. We applied [for] and used the IMAGE Grant for last fiscal year. This fiscal year we applied [for] and used a Market Research Assistant Grant through the state of Ohio. I’m currently still working with the company and plan to stay along next semester as well. Now I’m more of a project based intern, gaining experience in multiple fields, which is helping diversify myself.”

Reflection on EIP:

“I have had a lot of exposure to different parts of the business and have really been able to narrow my focus of what I want to do when I graduate, which is actually more operations based as I am currently working on process flow for the company.”

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