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OSU’s New LifeLine – New App Supplements Official Student Safety Services

Story: Rayhan Sufi, Design: Qarina Raissa-Vashti and Elita Marchetti

Ohio State’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG), with support from the Department of Public Safety and Office of Student Life, has teamed up with LifeLine Response Enterprise to provide students with a new safety application free of charge.

Since it’s launch in September 2012, Peter Cahill, CEO and founder of LifeLine Response, asserts that the application has made a tremendous impact on the lives of students all across the world. According to Cahill, LifeLine Response has prevented 25 assaults and eight medical emergencies in just the last nine months. The application currently serves over 100 universities in the United States alone and achieved the top ranking in the App Store within a year of its launch.

LifeLine Response has numerous features to improve student safety. Through the user-friendly application, students can report suspicious activity and share it with people who are in surrounding areas. LifeLine Response also permits users to add up to seven “lifelines” which are family and friends that will be contacted when an emergency alert is activated on a device. The application even has GPS tracking as long as users enable the location tracking services feature on their phone.

Whenever a user feels unsafe, he or she can go into either “Thumb Mode” or “Timer Mode.” With “Thumb Mode,” users simply have to press and hold the screen on their device; once they let go of the screen an alert will be sent to first-responders if a disarm code is not typed in quickly. Emergency personnel will be notified within seconds and dispatched to the user’s location.

In “Timer Mode,” it is possible to set a timer of up to 90 minutes to provide users (e.g. joggers) with a hands-free option. After the allotted time, the timer will go off and the application will prompt users to enter the disarm code if no emergency is present.

“Silent Mode” is another feature that allows users to put in a secret code that will appear to an attacker as if an alarm is being disarmed when in reality the user is being silently monitored.

Students can find the application on both the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store on any mobile device. Search “LifeLine Response Enterprise” and put in a valid email address to gain free access and ensure protection from potential danger.


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