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Student Talent Agency Experience

Story: Ellen Dupont, Design: Maggie Wehri

Aspiring models and musicians belong to a niche organization right here on campus. STAE: Student Talent Agency Experience, aims to provide its members industry exposure and experience in the commercial entertainment industry.


Image by: STAE

Founded in spring of 2015, President Michael Inman was inspired by SCNO: Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations and how it provides its members industry exposure and experience. “Being a school in the Midwest, companies such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ford Models, and Sony Music don’t always make the journey here for recruitment season,” Inman said.

There are numerous opportunities within the organization that integrate the creative worlds like singing, dancing and acting alongside business functions. Vice President of Operations Jason Wan said, “Fisher students are able to use the skills they learn in class, accounting, logistics, marketing etc. and put them to use in an org that represents the creative arts.”

Ashley Nelson, social media coordinator, experienced first hand how STAE combines business and creativity after changing her major from business to multimedia journalism. “I was approached by Michael Inman to enter into the organization and I was thrilled to do be able to do something in communications, while also combining my passion of music,” Nelson said.


Currently the organization has 30 members and 10 partners. Membership is divided into 4 categories: agent, talent, associates and partners. Agents work on the business side of music and modeling while talent includes aspiring musicians and models. Partners assist with content creation such as photography, record producers or videographers. Associates are first year students interested in becoming agents. Wan explains, “We have a training program for them that switches them out of different roles so they can find out what area of the agent side they would like to focus on.”

Even though STAE is a fairly new organization on campus, its future is looking bright. This year alone STAE signed its first group of talent consisting of four musicians and 10 models. The organization also organized a sunrise to sunset photoshoot with six different photographers, booked models in four of campus’ largest fashion shows, orchestrated its first musician showcase and booked two musicians in the annual Cochella hosted by Musicians Collective. “We also were honored to be selected as a recipient of the 2016 Outstanding New Student Organization Award granted by the university,” Inman said.

STAE will soon experience its second fall semester on campus as an active organization. Inman said, “We are very excited to sign new talent in April and utilize this year’s momentum to exceed next year’s expectations.”

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