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Fisher Resources: To Use Before You Graduate

Story: Kaitlyn Cannan, Design: Bob Craig

Do you plan on studying abroad or getting an internship or maybe both? The Global Business Option and Office of Career Management are your best resources to set yourself apart from the competition.

Global Option in Business

The Fisher Global Option in Business is an integrated academic and study abroad program, which allows students to complete a handful of business requirements while living in a different part of the world. There are many different options within the Global Option, but at its core it is a transcript designation that signifies to employers which students are globally focused and able to work in a culturally diverse setting.

Featured Experience: Freshman Global Lab

The Freshman Global Lab is a four week trip to Hamburg, Germany open to first-year business students. While abroad, students take two core business courses: Introduction to International Business, BusMHR 2000, and Logistics Management, BusML 3380. In the mornings, students take the classes and in the evenings, they tour corporations and explore the local area. Guest speakers are brought in throughout the four weeks to speak about topics covered in class.

Rachel Hartley, an operations major and participant in the Freshman Global Lab, described her favorite parts as visiting Mount Titlis in Switzerland and eating dinner with management from the businesses that they visited.

“It was really easy to get started with Freshman Global Lab, and you find out very quickly if you’ve been accepted,” says Hartley. Although one doesn’t have to be in the Global Option in Business program to participate in Freshman Global Lab, the experience will count towards that program and is invaluable to all participants.


Office of Career Management:

The Office of Career Management is a resource available to all students within Fisher and can help with everything from resume critiques to negotiating salaries. They offer one on one consultations with both undergraduate and graduate students, which are available both by walk in and by appointment. One resource students like the best is Career Coaches. Undergraduate third and fourth year students are trained in resume critiques, how to write cover letters and reviewing LinkedIn profiles. Career Coaches hold office hours and don’t require an appointment.


Resources for Undecided Fisher Students:

Katie Reynolds, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Student Career Development, holds one hour long appointments, where students can discuss their strengths and interests and determine which will align best with a certain specialization. This is highly recommended for any student who doesn’t have a clear idea about their career options. Reynolds also teaches the undergraduate speaker series course, BA2600, which is a one credit hour elective for students exploring different majors. Students meet once a week and a Fisher Alumni will speak about “a day in the life” of their career. At the end of this class students eat lunch with an alumni whose career appeals most.


Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program (QUIC)

QUIC is a program offered through the Office of Career Management which allows students to be able to access all on campus interviews. In order to become QUIC certified students have to pass a mock interview process in which they have to research a company, pick a job description and be able to answer both typical and behavioral interview questions. Students are graded on a scale out of 100. Passing is a 86 or higher and if you receive an 80-85 students are invited back to do a follow up interview in which they must show improvement. If students get below an 80 they must reschedule their mock interview and try again to become QUIC certified.


Resources for International Students:

The Office of Career Management offers a one hour workshop for international students that is required if students want to become QUIC certified. In this workshop students will learn about CPT and OPT requirements, employment expectations and strategies to set students apart in order to get work in the United States.


Unique Opportunities:

If students want to work in investment banking after college, one excellent opportunity is Fisher Futures. Investment banking is an incredibly difficult field to get into so applying for Fisher Futures can increase your experience and likelihood of landing a job on Wall Street. Fisher Futures is a program which combines two seven-week classes and a training program in financial modeling with Wall Street Prep. Fisher Futures goes on two trips, one to New York City and one to Chicago, where students have the ability to network with different companies which are likely to lead to a job or internship!


After Graduation:

After students graduate, one will receive lifetime access to FisherConnect, an OSU website dedicated to helping students connect with employers and helping recruiters find students that will be good additions to their company. For a year after graduation, students will be able to make an appointment with the Office of Career Management. However, once a year after graduation has passed, the Office of Career Management will direct graduates to Alumni Career Services.


Advice from the Office of Career Management:

  1. Go to the career fair.-When asked how Fisher students found a job after graduation the most common answer was the first step was talking to someone at the career fair which subsequently led to an interview and then a job or internship offer.
  2. Get QUIC Certified- In order to get full access to Fisher Connect and on-campus interviews you must become QUIC certified. There is no downside, it will teach you to be a better interviewer and it will open doors for you down the road.
  3. Get at least one internship before you leave Fisher- 95% of Fisher graduates have had at least one internship before graduation. It is critical to have work experience before you leave college in order to be competitive.
  4. Before you accept a full time job check out the FCDC- The Fisher Career Data Center- is a system which compiles customizable salary information for all specializations, cost of living in various cities and average signing bonus in your field.

For more information regarding the Office of Career Management please visit or make an appointment at

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