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PSE – Top Gold

Story and Images: Elita Marchetti, Design: Bob Craig

It starts with chapter meetings every Tuesday. Add on new member class meetings, committee meetings, executive board meetings and endless e-mail and GroupMe communications, and eventually you see the light at the end of the tunnel. This particular light shined bright for Ohio State’s Gamma Nu Chapter, Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), who, led by president Will Cicerchi, placed third in the Top Gold Chapter category for the third year in a row at the PSE 2016 National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


PSE President Will Cicerchi

Held every March, the PSE National Convention brings together over 75 chapters nationwide to compete in a weeklong battle of business fraternity excellence. Throughout the year, the organizations host events and fundraisers, teach facets of professional development and foster a sense of community within its members. The conference is a cumulative competition that showcases the best of the best practices exhibited by the organizations in the prior two semesters.

In April 2016, the Ohio State chapter presented for 11 of the 13 categories and walked away with six awards including first place in Top Professional Development Program, Top Chapter Recruitment Program and Top Marketing/Sales Project for Not-For-Profits, as well as second place in Top PSE Salesperson in April 2016. The most important award was earning third place in Top Gold Chapter for the third year in a row, which elicited another prize of the Arno Kleimenhagan Sustained Excellence Award.

“It’s like winning the World Series or the Super Bowl for us. The Top Gold Chapter represents the best chapter in the nation all-around,” says Cicerchi.

Cicerchi attributes the continued success of Ohio State’s chapter to committed members and high production volumes. In 2015, the organization completed 16 projects, which is significantly more than in prior years. They also put an emphasis on teaching sales and marketing skills while exposing members to real-world experiences. PSE showcased 11 professional speakers and held mock interviews with six more including PNC, Aldi and JP Morgan Chase. The organization partnered with Frito Lay and Pepsi to host a case competition where four participants received full-time or internship offers. Finally, members are given the opportunity to thrive with a tight-nit community, committees to get involved with immediately and a strong push for professional development.

Although based in the Fisher College of Business, PSE stresses that every member can find his or her place there. Specific areas of interest include finance, marketing, public relations, professional development, community service and administrative duties. With leadership positions made available to every member, individual goals can be met in a collective setting.

“We operate like a consulting company. No matter what you’re interested in, we believe we can provide an opportunity for you,” says Cicerchi.         

Looking towards the future, PSE at Ohio State is already in preparation for the 2017 National Convention. Many current members gained experience from previous years, and they anticipate competing once again for Top Gold Chapter.

“We have seasoned veterans going back to present and take care of some unfinished business before we graduate,” says Cicerchi. “We’re definitely not going in there blind.”

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