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How to FisherU

Story: Emily Kapp, Design: Zoe Clifton

With the success of Facebook and other social media outlets, many organizations are creating their own version, including Fisher. Instead of friend requests, wall posts and pictures, FisherU offers a different kind of platform to give students across campus exclusive access to Fisher organizations.

Launched in September 2014, FisherU was the final product of a series of extensive focus groups and research into other business institutions with online involvement platforms. With more than two years of activity, FisherU continues to improve and reach more freshmen and upperclassmen with its main goal still in sight: connecting Fisher students with organizations.

For the first-year student, or the fourth year still looking to get involved, FisherU offers a variety of outlets to help connect students. After logging onto FisherU, a student can select their top organization interests, which can help recommend and pair students with the most related Fisher organizations.

Any student regardless of major can access FisherU and browse through all 38 organizations. Features of the platform include emailing organization leaders, locating meeting times and discovering organization events.

“Basically it does everything co-curricular or extracurricular outside of academics,” Davidson says. “It’s called a co-curricular transcript [on FisherU].”

FisherU also works from a reverse standpoint for the officers and executive board members of Fisher organizations seeking out new members. The platform not only provides them an online presence, but can also track service hours and event attendance for organizations.

“We wanted to provide Fisher student organizations the opportunity to be represented somewhere online if they didn’t have a website,” Davidson says. “Some had no online presence at all, so FisherU kind of bridged that gap.”

To encourage Fisher organizations to utilize the site, more BuckID readers were purchased for organizations to track attendance at their events when students swiped in at meetings and events. The readers automatically input the attendance information into FisherU to keep as record.

“Because there’s so many [events] going on, it can be at times overwhelming. This can really help to narrow it down to the things that are only specific to your interests,” Davidson says.

Named by students, for students, and populated with organizations of students, FisherU is helping connect students in new ways.

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