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Survey Class to Internship

Story: Xinyi Wang, Design: Bob Craig

What is the most frequently used word on the summary of a Linked-In profile? -Ambitious. Many students from Fisher like to state that they are “an ambitious student from Fisher College of Business”. From an ambitious student’s point of view, what he cares most about is how to get an internship or a job. After taking the Survey class which is required for all students from all fields of study, we get a whole lot of information about on campus resources. Where should I start? What is something I could start doing now?

One thing you could start doing now is working through the QUIC program, which includes declaring your specialization, getting your resume viewed by the Office of Career Management, completing your QUIC module on Carmen and finishing your Mock(QUIC) Interview.

Declaring the specialization If you have not already decided on a specialization, talk to a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management to explore personal interests and abilities. The office also offers a Career Exploration Course (BA2600), Undergraduate Speaker Series course, to expose students to the different functional areas of business. The course is offered in the spring semester, there will be one speaker for each of fisher’s specialization talking about different majors that the students can pursue each week. The course builds the base knowledge for students of what they want to do and help them plan for the future.

Get the job search document polished You should have your resume printed and make an appointment with the staff members of Career Management to view your resume, or see walk-in Career Coaches for a quick 15-minute appointment. You need to upload your resume into FisherConnect after revising your resume.

Completing the QUIC module on Carmen The QUIC module has interviewing techniques—which you could apply in your follow-up Mock Interview, and office policies—how the Career Management Office is going to help the students walk through their career management experience.

Mock(QUIC) Interview
This needs to be completed by the end of your sophomore year because at that point,
you might have engaged in campus activities, gain leadership experiences and professional experience. These are the materials that could help you prepare for your junior year.

As a freshman, you need to be aware of the different companies on campus. The information could be found on FisherConnect, in Schoenbaum Hall and Mason Hall and through the weekly “This week in Schoenbaum” email. Start networking now by attending the event hosted by the company that interests you.

Another thing that could be done in your freshman year is to start building your LinkedIn Profile. This is a required assignment for a second year Job Search and Preparation course (BA260
). As the name implies, the course is to prepare students for the internship and job search. One thing students ought to pay attention to when creating their LinkedIn Profile is to personalize the automatic message when requesting to link with someone. Customizing the message by including the information like how you knew and met the person will definitely increase the likelihood that the person is going to accept the request.

What’s more, take advantage of your pre-existing network. Think about the people in your family and friends who might be in the career field that you are interested in. Take advantage of the time you are home and do the career exploration.

Finally, about the career, freshmen are encouraged to attend the Career Fair on that day to have an idea of what the environment looks like. There is an app called OSU Career Fair Plus that has the information about the companies that are interested in speaking with freshmen or sophomores. When preparing for the upcoming Career Fair event, you could focus on the companies that indicate interest in freshmen and have leadership programs designed to promote freshmen and sophomores.

There are plenty of op
ortunities on campus that you could take advantage of. Start preparing yourself for it because—“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

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