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Women in Digital Conference

By: Anna Czulno

This past October, the annual Women in Digital Conference was held in Columbus, Ohio. With over 4,000 members across 18 different cities, the Women in Digital conference series is a platform meant to help women collaborate on various ideas within the digital marketing sector and empower them to combat gender bias in the workplace.

Featuring many influential female speakers, the Women in Digital conference provides a non-traditional venue and presentational setting to women wishing to learn more about how to become a leader in their field.

The conference was originally founded by Alaina Shearer, an entrepreneur in the media industry herself. In 2009, Shearer started off with a simple blog about relationships and dating. It quickly expanded, however, into a site that reached over 30,000 views per month.

Eventually starting her own digital advertising agency called Cement, Shearer designed the conference as a way for women to empower each other through the sharing of ideas on digital marketing and promoting female leadership in the technology industry.

This year’s conference featured many influential women in the media industry. Keynote speakers included Jeni Britton, founder of and chief creative officer for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream; Meredith Ulmer, social media specialist for The Wendy’s Company and Shannon Coulter; co-founder of Grab Your Wallet. Other speakers came from companies such as Go-Daddy, Shine Text, Rutgers, The New York Times and Hellosociety.

One of the speakers, Jeni Britton, is seen as a role model for many current startups in Columbus. Founded in 2002, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is a company that holds the values of community and the simplicity of product above all else. Similar to many of the female speakers at the conference, Jenni is a dominant female leader and entrepreneur in her field.

In addition to Columbus, the Women in Digital Media Conference is held in 17 other cities across the U.S. including cities such as Chicago, New York, and Boston.

On top of the annual conferences, there are also individual events that vary by city as well as membership packages that women can purchase if they would like to become more involved in Women in Digital. These membership packages give special access to certain events throughout the year as well as a women in digital bracelet and notebook.

While the Women in Digital conference has already passed, those wishing to become involved with the program can the website for more information.