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An Acre of Flavor

Written By: Sagar Amrania

In recent years there has been a big push for fresh and fast food; I for one am in the opposite camp, I want my food as processed and as slow as possible. So, I had some reservations when trying food from Acre, a local restaurant founded by Fisher alum Todd Mills. My steady diet of ramen and Doritos has held me together (mostly) for a few years now, but the food at Acre dared me to try something that wasn’t filled with delicious chemical compounds.

Acre is farm-to-table restaurant that wants to give customers fresh food at prices that won’t break the bank. Judging by the interior design of the restaurant, they are certainly taking the “farm” portion of their model to heart. Contrary to the name, I don’t actually think the restaurant was an acre in size, which was a bit of a letdown. The light color arrangement and wood adornments give a rustic atmosphere, while the metal seating makes it feel like you might hear the sounds a tractor on the prairie outside the doors. Not that I speak from personal experience, the closest I’ve been to an actual farm is when I read The Grapes of Wrath. Still, I imagine those with more country experience would still find the restaurant charming.

What’s more interesting is Acre’s menu, which has a wide variety of culturally inspired foods, without overwhelming the customer with options. Are you in the mood for barbeque? Bam, they got it. What if you want some Thai food? Boom, done. Just want a good old quesadilla? Look no further. I opted for their Baja tacos, which they offer either in a set a two or three, I went for three because my motto is go big or go small (chose big this time). The tacos also came with a side of chips and salsa, which was a nice touch. What I noticed first about the tacos was the quality of the corn tortilla, which I could immediately tell was freshly made—no synthetic Taco Bell tortillas for the fine folks at Acre. However, as is the case with humans, what really matters when it comes to tacos is what’s on the inside. They are served with Mexican cheese, black bean relish and an intriguing avocado sour cream. Also, for practically every item on Acre’s menu with a protein, customers can choose between chicken, pork and tofu, so don’t be afraid to bring your vegetarian friends. Although none of the ingredients alone were mindblowers, the way they worked together is what made the taco such a delight – let’s call it taco synergy. What resulted was three of the best tacos I’ve had in years and yes, I have had the taco that is made with a Doritos shell, sufficed to say the bar was set pretty high. If you ever find yourself in need of some delicious food that is made with ingredients you can (probably) pronounce, don’t hesitate to check out Acre.