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Entrepreneur Seeks to Change Local Real-Estate Business

By: Bailey York

There’s no question drone technology could change the way we do business. Apollo Pixels, founded by Marshall Adams, is reshaping the way home-buyers view properties by using drone technology to provide aerial footage of listed properties. The filming strategy allows home-buyers to have a stronger feel for the listed properties’ internal spacing and outside environment. The superior quality of photography and vantage point has attracted realtors, event planners, and golf course designers.

When asked about the impact drone footage can bring to local businesses, Adams’s said the Columbus region has a lot to offer for a range of industries. Construction, agriculture, insurance claims, police/fire department, and journalism were all a few he mentioned. For now, Apollo Pixels has centralized attention to realtors and event planners by improving clients marketing strategy.

“Showcasing any property from an aerial view helps to increase the perceived value of the home and the perceived value of the surrounding community. Any home or business can be displayed from a normal ground photo, but taking a photo from a few hundred feet up allows for more of a 3D type layout to be seen. Time and time again, I’ve seen people glance at a drone photo then do a double take because it’s such a unique vantage point.”

Adams is focused on showing the community in a more luxurious manner while capturing the attention of home-buyers better than a traditional photo.

“From a marketing standpoint this is exactly what companies are trying to do: Capture people’s attention,” he explains. “For the modern marketer, aerial photography is new tool helping people accomplish this goal.”

When asked about plans of expansion, Adam’s said he is focused on growth in the Columbus region before expanding to other cities, has been experiencing a great amount of growth in recent months.

Going forward, Adam’s continues to see a strong market space with personal realtors. “My relationships with realtors are great. They always have a new home to market and I’m always looking for the next property to showcase. Sometimes I get to work with the realtors at the property but most of the time they send me out with instructions on what they want to be captured and I simply bring that to life for them.”

Apollo Pixels has showcased properties in Galloway, New Albany, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Westerville, and many more. For more information feel free to visit their website at