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Introduction to Fisher Link

By: Sagar Amrania, Photo By: Sean Yu

Podcasts, they’re the friend of the commuter and the enemy of AM radio, and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re reading this you are most likely one of the esteemed members of the Fisher family and may have struggled to find a podcast that caters to your interests as a promising prospective businessperson – well, I have some great news. This semester your favorite Fisher-centric magazine, Fisher Ink, is introducing an all new podcast to make the journey to class all the more enjoyable. Fisher Link is the bi-weekly podcast from the team at Fisher Ink, which will deliver you the insightful interviews that will give you new perspectives on business and the Fisher community.

Conceived and co-hosted by Brent Kaffenberger, who is a third-year finance major, the main members of the Fisher Link team are co-host Paige Palmer, a first-year marketing and English major, and engineer Connor Buehler, a first-year finance and human resources major. The podcast was originally dreamt up by Kaffenberger, who has been a fan of podcasts in the past, but didn’t have any experience making them until now.

“I was listening to podcasts over the summer […] and I was just thinking it would be to cool to have something through Ohio State because there wasn’t really an Ohio State ‘businessy’ podcast,” Kaffenberger says. “I felt like it was something Fisher would have, but they didn’t and that was really surprising.”

From there, the team was assembled with Palmer and Buehler joining as co-host and engineer respectively. Buehler has some previous experience with podcasts, producing his own sports podcast while in high school, giving the team much needed insight into podcast creation. Overall, however, the team is pretty is new to the process as they’ve currently put out one podcast while ironing the down the process and getting ready for producing Fisher Link in regular intervals. One of the biggest hurdles for the team so far has been scheduling, as they’ve learned that getting an esteemed member of Fisher faculty or the business world into a room is not as easy as it sounds.

“My week is just booked and so is Brent’s and so is Paige’s, so getting all of us together is hard enough,” Buehler describes. “Then when you apply a guest that is teaching six credit hour classes, it just adds up.”

In addition to their individual efforts, the podcast team has been working with Fisher’s marketing department to help the podcast gain some exposure. From Fisher’s weekly newsletter to the televisions across campus, the podcast team is making sure the students of Fisher will always be apprised of new releases.

“It’s really exciting to see how many people are interested in the idea, not only in Fisher with the students but as well as Fisher’s marketing department, who has been really helpful in getting everything set up for us and is help us to get some connections to some really great guests for the future,” Palmer says. “So we want to make this something that’s getting bigger and better with every single episode and bringing more and more interesting stories to Ohio State students.”

The first episode of the podcast (out right now) features an interview with senior lecturer Ty Shepfer, where they discuss his previous professional experience as well as his personal opinions on the education system. Going forward, the team hopes to continue to highlight interesting people involved with Ohio State and business, hopefully giving current students some insightful perspectives on their future careers.

“You probably heard of the people on the podcast, or heard of what they do, but never heard exactly what they’re going to say,” Kaffenberger says. “You don’t know them as a person or exactly what their though processes are. So, it’s interesting to hear what these people think and what their motivations are, that you may have never known otherwise.”

Right now, the team is gearing up to produce Fisher Link on a bi-weekly basis, with episodes released every Monday, featuring interviews with members of the Fisher landscape. Currently the podcast is focused on issues surrounding Fisher, but as time goes on the team hopes to be able to produce a product that all students can enjoy.

“We’re focused mainly on Fisher, whether that be students […] faculty or alumni,” Palmer describes, “but as time goes on we want to open it up to be more about the business world in general and make it something that a student at any university could away something from.”

The first episode of Fisher Link, is available right now through the Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud. Make sure to subscribe if you want to hear the latest episodes as they come out every other Monday. Hopefully they’ll be able to make your winter walks to class that much more bearable.