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Finance Honors Program

By: Xinyi Wang

While most students consider major-specific classes to be most difficult classes at the Fisher College of Business, simply getting into major classes is much harder than coursework for finance students. The Finance major is the second largest major after biology at The Ohio State University.

“While we would like to take as many students as we can, the growth rate in faculty is not keeping up with the growth rate in students,” says Dr. Wruck, the Finance Honors Faculty Director. Given the relatively small faculty size of the finance department, they are have limited resources in offering enough sections to meet the demand. In a productive year, as Wruck mentioned, the finance department is able to hire 2-3 new faculty members, but this number still does not catch up with the demand.

“We understand that this has been a frustrating experience for students, but this has been frustrating for us as well,” Wruck says.

In order to remedy this situation to some extent, the Finance Honors Program has been newly introduced to students starting last fall. This will be an alternative and more competitive way for promising students with a strong interest in finance to enter this field of study. “We have great students coming from the major and a lot of them are honors-qualified, and we would like to offer them a finance-focused honors experience,” Wruck says.

The Finance Honors Program is structured with honors-level finance classes, third and fourth year seminars and visits to major financial hubs. Similar to other Fisher Honors Program, this year’s cohort will provide 30 high-performing and motivated students with the analytical, quantitative and leadership skills sought by top investment and commercial banks, private equity firms, consulting firms and nonfinancial corporations.

Applicants are required to submit their resume, advising report and a personal video prompt stating why they decided to choose finance as their major. Candidates are selected based on their academic standing, on-campus involvements and, most importantly, their interest in finance field of study. A smaller group of students are moved onto the in-person interviews. Then a group of 30 will be selected to be in this year’s cohort.

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