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No Meat? No Problem

By: Sean Yu

When most people think of a restaurant, they usually do not think of a communal, family-style seating arrangement with the entire room. Nor do they think of popup locations all over Columbus in bars and art galleries, or only needing to pay a flat quarterly fee for full access to the entire menu.

Nevertheless, these elements are part of the core experience for diners at the Pink Flamingo, a new membership-based vegan restaurant in Columbus.

For only a $60 quarterly fee—or $15 for individual events—visitors to the Pink Flamingo are free to enjoy an all-you-can eat array of exclusively vegan locally-sourced meals. Since its inception last December, the Pink Flamingo looks to solidify itself as a convenient source for vegan meals in Columbus—something that can be hard to come by despite the increasing popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets today.

“At first, most non-vegans are a little thrown off because they do not have the steak, the chicken, the seafood or anything like that,” says Erin Halleran, a fourth-year finance student responsible for the restaurant’s finances and marketing. “But as you build your bowl, every flavor works really well together. These flavors complement each other so well because they are so natural, and nothing really overpowers your palette.”

Halleran joined the Pink Flamingo team through her previous work with Cam Williams, the founder. Having previously interned at Hot Chicken Takeover, Halleran enjoys channeling her experiences in the restaurant business towards this new enterprise. As one of the restaurant’s first team members, she has helped guide the Pink Flamingo’s early development.

Despite its newness, the restaurant has about 130 registered members in this opening quarter.

“There is this amazing community being built around [The Pink Flamingo],” Halleran says. “We have seen regulars now that did not know each other to begin with who are now excited to see each other at dinner. It just has an amazing family feel.”

Currently, the Pink Flamingo is holding popup events at local establishments including Art Outside the Lines, an art studio and gallery, and Endeavor Brewing, a pub. By fall of this year, the team plans to settle down into a brick-and-mortar location.

“I think that there will be more and more demand for a vegan diet, and with that, vegan restaurants,” Halleran says. “I think that the restaurant in Columbus will go well and be able to expand. My dream is to be travelling in LA and being able to use the same Pink Flamingo membership card there as the one here [in Columbus].”

For the rest of this opening quarter, the Pink Flamingo will be holding an event at Art Outside the Lines on March 2nd and a brunch at Two Dollar Radio on March 25th.

Those interested in membership can visit the Pink Flamingo website at