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Episode 8: On the final episode of our first season we welcome David Trimm, the current CIO of Wendy’s Restaurants. David discusses his experience working for Hilton, Hertz, Coca-Cola and now the fast food chain, while also giving his thoughts on the industry today.

Episode 7: On this week’s episode we have John Lavange, the former Drum Major for the Ohio State University Marching Band and current Fourth-Year student in the Fisher College of Business. John discusses his time as a student on campus and whats to come after graduation

Episode 6: Dr. Nicole Kraft, a member the faculty at Ohio State currently teaching courses in Media and Journalism. Dr. Kraft discusses her work as co-director of Ohio State’s Sports and Society Initiative, in addition to her experience in PR for professional sports and government officials.

Episode 5: This week’s episode features local business owner and restauranteur Scott Elsworth, the owner of Three’s Above High, Too’s Spirits Under High, and Barrel on High. He provides insight on his experiences and his impact around Ohio State’s campus.

Episode 4: This week, Brent and Paige interviewed Marty Kress, the Executive Director of the Global Water Institute at Ohio State. Kress talks of his experiences working for the US Senate, NASA and others have helped him in creating sustainable clean water systems in Tanzania.

Episode 3: Join us as we talk to Mariah Scott, an alumnus of the Fisher College of Business and MBA program, both in Accounting. She talks of the influence of her internships and student organizations in choosing her future career path and her choice to pursue a graduate degree.


Episode 2: The next episode is here! This time, Brent and Paige had the opportunity to talk to Dean Anil Mahkija. He discusses the important relationship of travel, business, and education. Dean Mahkija speaks of his efforts to continue improving Fisher for its students and faculty.

Episode 1: Welcome to the next venture of Fisher Ink magazine…. our very own podcast! Join our hosts Brent and Paige as they interview Ty Shepfer about Fisher, his career, and recent business environments. Happy listening and subscribe to keep up with the rest of the series!